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Prieur Leary Makes Systems Better With His IT Skill

May 23, 2019
Prieur Leary

At this point in his long and storied career, Prieur Leary has enjoyed a lot of very fruitful experience in the information technology industry, otherwise known as the IT industry. The term information technology (IT) is often used to describe computers and computer networks, but really, it can also refer to other types of technology, as well, including telephony, audio and video systems and even mobile devices and systems. And let’s be clear; the deep concerns expressed by Prieur Leary over the security of IT systems is in no way overstated; it, in fact, mirrors the current position of most IT specialists worldwide.

One reason Prieur Leary decided on a career in IT was because the possibilities were endless. IT administration and support requires a large team of professionals with different specialties. Because IT can involve numerous layers of hardware and software, management of each of those elements requires specialists capable of managing each one, including operating systems and the software needed to perform essential functions. Everything must work in harmony at all times, and it must be secure from both external and internal threats.