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IT Pros Like Prieur Leary Make Technology Work for Everyone

May 23, 2019
Prieur Leary

Whereas many information technology (IT) specialists throughout the industry are obsessed with hackers these days, Prieur Leary understands they aren’t the only problem. Too often, the real weaknesses threatening many IT systems are the people running the devices and machines, not the devices and machines themselves, or people from outside trying to get into those devices and systems. Because Prieur Leary is fluent in Spanish and also comprehends Portuguese, he has gained plenty of experience and knowledge in the area of international business relations.

Things have changed drastically ever since the term “information technology” was coined in the middle of the last century. The purpose for the term was to make a distinction between technology with a limited purpose and computers, which have the ability to take on a wide variety of tasks and to take on many purposes within any organization. IT professionals like Prieur Leary take the lead in making sure every employee and every management professional has just the right hardware and software to do their jobs properly, as well as to make certain everything is safe and secure, both internally and externally.